Natural House Bali has been involved with wooden house construction since 2008. We have prefabricated villas as large as 600 square meters and many small bungalows for resorts and private developments. Predominantly the timber we use is a tropical hardwood known as Bengkirai which is termite resistant and does not warp or crack. We use timber only from legal sources which are verified through government inspections of our purchasing records and physical examination on export. Timber houses are complex in design and must be structurally tested through a special computer program to test against wind strength. We must analyze the final destination of the structure and incorporate additional bracing throughout the building. Our buildings have endured earthquakes in Lombok and category 5 cyclones at Vanuatu. We have an impeccable record and have never suffered any structural issues that have compromised the integrity of the building.

We are not a production line of standard structures. We work with our clients to create the building they desire, the starting point being the floor plan. We offer our suggestions in terms of external design and of course the materials to be used throughout. We do charge an hourly fee for drawings however 50% is refunded should you go ahead and have NHB build the structure. Below, please find an abundance of information and examples of some of our buildings and structures. Please “contact us” with your inquiry and ideas.

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