There are many variations and types of Gazebo’s available. Here are the main factors to take into consideration;

  • The dimensions can either be measured from the outside of the column to the floor’s edge or to inside the column. This can make a significant difference in price.
  • There are different wood species that can be used, the most expensive being Teak followed by Merbau, Bengkirai and then the cheaper timbers such as coconut wood, Jackfruit, and camphor. The type of timber used will determine the life span of the structure.
  • The floor is another major cost component. It can be timber or tiled.
  • There are many different roof options such as alang alang (grass roof) hardwood shingles, ceramic tiles, asphalt tiles and corrugated iron.
  • We can also prefabricate bamboo gazebos that come in a lot cheaper than the timber ones.

We can send you examples of the options available at your request. Please “contact us“  for additional information.

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