Natural House Bali has been involved with wooden house construction since 2008. We have prefabricated villas as large as 600 square meters and many small bungalows for resorts and private developments. Predominantly the timber we use is a tropical hardwood known as Bengkirai which is termite resistant and does not warp or crack. We use timber only from legal sources which are verified through government inspections of our purchasing records and physical examination on export. Timber houses are complex in design and must be structurally tested through a special computer program to test against wind strength. We must analyze the final destination of the structure and incorporate additional bracing throughout the building. Our buildings have endured earthquakes in Lombok and category 5 cyclones at Vanuatu. We have an impeccable record and have never suffered any structural issues that have compromised the integrity of the building.

We are not a production line of standard structures. We work with our clients to create the building they desire, the starting point being the floor plan. We offer our suggestions in terms of external design and of course the materials to be used throughout. We do charge an hourly fee for drawings however 50% is refunded should you go ahead and have NHB build the structure. Below, please find an abundance of information and examples of some of our buildings and structures. Please “contact us” with your inquiry and ideas.

Prefabricated villas are the perfect solution for remote construction sites, particularly islands that have limited access to labor and materials. The other aspect is the beauty and feel of these magnificent structures that have immediate character and ambiance for that tropical style of living.

We have been involved in projects large and small and through consultation, we can offer our experience in choosing the right type of materials and finishing options. We do have many designs that we can share with you, to proceed we need to discuss in more detail your ideas and budget. Please “contact us“ for a consultation free discussion.

Rice barns or as they are better known throughout Indonesia as “ Lumbungs” are a fantastic, versatile design. These can be made to any size, they can be one floor or 2 levels. We have built them with a mezzanine level or better known as a loft that is turned into a second bedroom. There are many different types of materials you can use for the roof, inside walls, floors, and bathroom fit-outs. These can be built on a concrete slab or footings and are anchored by steel base plates. NHB has constructed many Lumbungs over the years and can offer you a variety of designs, please “contact us” for additional information.

There are many variations and types of Gazebo’s available. Here are the main factors to take into consideration;

  • The dimensions can either be measured from the outside of the column to the floor’s edge or to inside the column. This can make a significant difference in price.
  • There are different wood species that can be used, the most expensive being Teak followed by Merbau, Bengkirai and then the cheaper timbers such as coconut wood, Jackfruit, and camphor. The type of timber used will determine the life span of the structure.
  • The floor is another major cost component. It can be timber or tiled.
  • There are many different roof options such as alang alang (grass roof) hardwood shingles, ceramic tiles, asphalt tiles and corrugated iron.
  • We can also prefabricate bamboo gazebos that come in a lot cheaper than the timber ones.

We can send you examples of the options available at your request. Please “contact us“  for additional information.

Most people would agree that the finishing touches or the finer detail really makes the end product spectacular and something special. The option from Indonesia are endless but we have listed just a few of the most popular ones. Please remember with NHB anything is possible so don’t hesitate to send us your ideas.

  • Railings, steps and stairs are made from strong and durable Bengkirai Timber
  • Connecting Bridges between Gazebos or Houses.
  • Carvings, there is an endless range of traditional Balinese and Javanese carving styles available to add that special touch. Alternatively please make your own design and we can have it carved.
  • Bamboo Blinds are a perfectly natural product to compliment your home or gazebo. There is an enormous range of styles available.
  • Balinese Doors come in many different designs and colours.
  • Solid Teak Javanese Doors are normally manufactured from recycled teak. These are a long last exquisite feature in any home.
  • Stone Panels with carving adds a nice feature around gazebos or ancillary structures.
  • Rattan Lampit or bamboo bedeg matting are splendid tropical style materials that can be used for as decorative ceiling linings. The matting is glued to triplex or plywood and then layer underneath a waterproof membrane between the single or tiled roof.

All buildings and gazebos are constructed using the traditional skills of Indonesia carpenters combined with modern building techniques using quality hardwood to ensure strengh and durability. All bolts, base plates and connections plates used in our buildings are made from galvanized steel to a grade of 240N/mm2. Folding and sliding doors are supplied with stainless steel tracks. The finishing material we use is a water based product which is easy to apply for servicing any area of the structure that may get scuffed during transportation or setup on site.

Each stage of construction is photographed and along with a progress report, emailed to the client for their approval. On completion, each component of the building is numbered and labeled prior to knockdown. A government surveyor then needs to be brought in to check the certification of our timber to ensure we are using timber from legal sources. Each component is then approved for export by the surveyor.

After knockdown the components are refinished with a water based stain. Additional supplies of the finishing materials are shipped with the building for any touch up work that maybe required after arrival at the destination.

Once the container is packed and shipped our AutoCAD team will prepare a detailed set of assembly instructions that will be emailed to the client well in advance of the container arriving.

Some of the most impressive projects we have worked on have started with a sketch and evolved into a stunning building or resort development. Our team of wooden house experts that includes structural and civil engineers, Autocad draftsman, and our project manager are available to work with you on your ideas to create your dream structures. We of course will work with your project manager and architect to convert your plans into a wooden house structure. All buildings are tested using ETAB for structural integrity based on the weather patterns of the region for project development. We do charge a fee for these services which can be refundable of up to 50% should we be appointed the construction team.

Natural House Bali is aligned with Sha Interior that, as the name suggests are interior designers, based in Sanur Bali. Anita and her team are also specialists in resort design and work with project developers to create a concept and a detailed plan. Examples of their work can be sent to you on request.

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