Buying Trips in Bali


Natural House Bali has been in operation for over 20 years, working with exporters, importers, resort developers, and personal shoppers (minimum order requirements) to ensure the smooth transition from the time of order to manufacture and then shipping.

Our company is headed up by an experienced customs broker and logistics professional. Natural House Bali has also been involved in wooden house construction, resort projects and the supply of products to many importers from around the world. Our team, some of which have been with the company for over 17 years, are well trained, passionate about their responsibilities and possess the “attention to detail skills” required to ensure our clients are protected from lapses in quality and specific product detail requested by our clients when placing their orders.

Over the many years in operation, we have aligned ourselves with professionals in design, manufacturing, and export logistics. We hope that we may have the opportunity to discuss your purchasing requirements with you, in the near future.


It’s fair to say that each and every inquiry we receive for Indonesian products varies from client to client which our company can manage for you to ensure that the purchase orders are supplied in accordance with your specifications and high-quality standards. Bali is the showroom of many of these products making sourcing a much easier task than buying trips to Java. Many importers visiting Bali mix a variety of products in one container which is managed by companies such as us to ensure the orders are followed up on, checked, paid for, and shipped.

The process is entirely different for importers that are buying products in bulk from Java. We can assist with the introduction to major suppliers of many different products ensuring that the client receives competitive pricing and on-time delivery. Below, please find detailed information on the processes involved for sourcing and shipping products from Indonesia using our professional services

The key to a successful buying trip is research and effective communication between ourselves and the potential buyer. Generally, anyone planning a buying trip will have researched, online, products they are considering purchasing in Indonesia.  At this point, we can provide feedback on those items, approximate pricing, and production time. We can also introduce similar products that may be of interest to you.

We have had the pleasure of working with many buyers over the years and in many cases have become good friends. We have a passion for the work that we do and treasure the opportunity to be part of the journey in their investment in buying products from Indonesia.

Once we have shared our thoughts with prospective buyers they may plan a trip to Indonesia to begin sourcing products on one of our buying trips. These expeditions may take one day or could take up to 5 days depending on the scope of products and the regions we will be required to visit. On each trip in our comfortable vehicles, there will be one of our experienced representatives that will take you to retail / wholesale shops and factories that supply the products you are interested in. Each day, we will supply you with a report (sent to you the following day) that contains the following;

  • Supplier’s details
  • Pictures of the products
  • Description
  • Dimensions
  • Unit price
  • Cbm (calculation of size for shipping)
  • Production time

The buying trips predominately take place throughout Bali however should the quantity warrant it, we can arrange for manufacturing in Java.  Our buying trips are a very useful way of seeing what’s available, price is always negotiable to a point however our experience in dealing with suppliers will ensure that we achieve the best buying price possible. We would like to note at this point that our buying trips can be for many different types of buyers such as;

  • Wholesale Buyers
  • Buyers supplying to their shops or online customers
  • Project Managers looking to source a variety of products and/or prefab structures
  • Buyers looking to furnish a home, hotel, restaurant or other developments
  • A group of buyers shopping for varies items to fill a container

The cost of our buying trips is IDR 650,000 (approx. USD 45.00) per person for up to an 8-hour trip. This entirely depends on the client as the heat in Bali can be a little oppressive. We hope that the information provided on our trips has been helpful, please “contact us” to make a booking or to request additional information.

During your buying trip, you may place orders and pay a deposit which is generally 50% of the total order. Should you prefer to analyze all the information and decide to order once you are back in your home country, this is not a problem. We will assist you in determining the exact cubic measurement for shipping so that you are not ordering too much and then have a situation where your total order cannot fit in the container. We cannot be precise down to the last cbm as the configuration in the stuffing of the container will account for some of the space. We make allowances for this in our calculations so in most cases we don’t have any issues.

On placing the order with the supplier, we will confirm the agreed price, the detail of the product, and the production time. When 50% of the production time has passed, we will check on the progress and report back to the client with pictures and an update. Within one week of the product being available for collection, we will request the balance of the payment.

Please note, you are not required to transfer funds in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) as sending this currency from overseas can attract much higher exchange rates. Send the due amount in your currency which we will calculate for you. On receipt, we will confirm to you, the amount received. The exchange rate used by the banks here is very favorable with a currency fluctuation of approximately 1.%.

Once your orders are ready for collection we will then send our representative to the suppliers’ premises for the quality control check and photograph the products. These pictures will be sent to you in high resolution as you may wish to use for marketing purposes prior to the arrival of the shipment.

The most important part of the transaction is to check all items to confirm that they are supplied and manufactured in accordance with the detail as prescribe in the initial order.  As we have already checked at the 50% stage of production there should be no major issues however anything is possible.

The quality control process varies depending on the product. For instance for furniture, we always check the moisture content with our meter to insure the timber has been kiln-dried. Some furniture items cannot be kiln-dried due to the composition of the wood such as “suar” products and we point these exceptions out to you at the time of purchase.  Items made from Bamboo must be treated for borers (additional to quarantine measures) and dunked in a chemical bath prior to production. Stone items are checked for size, saw marks, chips, and any other sign defect. There is an endless list however our experience ensures that your order leaves the supplier in accordance with your instructions.

The next step is to coordinate pick up with the cargo company and supervise loading for the transport back to the warehouse.

Our company was built on the expertise of a logistics and customs broker that understands the importance of ensuring that the correct export procedures including quarantine measures are followed. The requirements may vary from country to country, particularly quarantine regulations that must be adhered.

We recommend shipping a full container load (FCL) in lieu of loose cargo (LCL= less than a container load) as it reduces the possibility of damage during transportation dramatically.  Should you be exporting to Australia, we have our own consolidations that enable you to export 5 cubic meters or more in our containers.

As like many other countries, Indonesia has restrictions on what may be exported. They also apply export controls on certain products such as furniture, the legality of timber sources, stone items, prefabricated structures, and most timber products. There are permit fees as exports in these categories must be checked prior to container stuffing. We work with our cargo agent to ensure compliance with the government export regulations.

All containers stuffed in Bali will be either trucked or sent by feeder vessel to Surabaya for loading onto a feeder service to Singapore. From Singapore, they are loaded onto a prime carrier for transportation to various destinations worldwide.

Freight and Insurance costs are always prepaid from Indonesia. We will provide you with a firm quotation prior to shipping which is valid for 30 days. Should you have a preferred shipping agent we can review the ways in which we can work with them however because of the complexity and the precise coordination involved we recommend using our preferred. We look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding shipping, please “contact us “for more information.

Once your shipment is packed into the container, it will journey to Surabaya (for Bali shipments, orders from west java will leave from Jakarta and Central Java Semarang for loading onto a feeder service to Singapore. Once in Singapore and then loaded onto the prime carrier your shipment is then only weeks away from arrival.

We understand the complexities of customs and quarantine clearance in other countries and it’s our responsibility to ensure that you receive all of the shipping information and commercial documentation such as invoices, certificates of origin, and quarantine certificates as soon as possible. As the original bill of lading is not available until approximately 5 days after shipping from Singapore, we will provide you with sufficient documentation and shipping information to get the customs clearance started.

Our customer service team will provide updates to you along every step of the way including official arrival notification from the shipping agent. It is important to note that freight and ancillary charges must be paid well in advance of arrival so that the original documentation can be released and sent by international courier to you. We will advise you of the couriers tracking number, we mostly use DHL for this service.

Should you require any additional information, please “contact us” it will be our pleasure to provide.