Buying Trips in Bali


Natural House Bali has been in operation for over 20 years, working with exporters, importers, resort developers, and personal shoppers (minimum order requirements) to ensure the smooth transition from the time of order to manufacture and then shipping.

Our company is headed up by an experienced customs broker and logistics professional. Natural House Bali has also been involved in wooden house construction, resort projects and the supply of products to many importers from around the world. Our team, some of which have been with the company for over 17 years, are well trained, passionate about their responsibilities and possess the “attention to detail skills” required to ensure our clients are protected from lapses in quality and specific product detail requested by our clients when placing their orders.

Over the many years in operation, we have aligned ourselves with professionals in design, manufacturing, and export logistics. We hope that we may have the opportunity to discuss your purchasing requirements with you, in the near future.


It’s fair to say that each and every inquiry we receive for Indonesian products varies from client to client which our company can manage for you to ensure that the purchase orders are supplied in accordance with your specifications and high-quality standards. Bali is the showroom of many of these products making sourcing a much easier task than buying trips to Java. Many importers visiting Bali mix a variety of products in one container which is managed by companies such as us to ensure the orders are followed up on, checked, paid for, and shipped.

The process is entirely different for importers that are buying products in bulk from Java. We can assist with the introduction to major suppliers of many different products ensuring that the client receives competitive pricing and on-time delivery. Below, please find detailed information on the processes involved for sourcing and shipping products from Indonesia using our professional services