The most important part of the transaction is to check all items to confirm that they are supplied and manufactured in accordance with the detail as prescribe in the initial order.  As we have already checked at the 50% stage of production there should be no major issues however anything is possible.

The quality control process varies depending on the product. For instance for furniture, we always check the moisture content with our meter to insure the timber has been kiln-dried. Some furniture items cannot be kiln-dried due to the composition of the wood such as “suar” products and we point these exceptions out to you at the time of purchase.  Items made from Bamboo must be treated for borers (additional to quarantine measures) and dunked in a chemical bath prior to production. Stone items are checked for size, saw marks, chips, and any other sign defect. There is an endless list however our experience ensures that your order leaves the supplier in accordance with your instructions.

The next step is to coordinate pick up with the cargo company and supervise loading for the transport back to the warehouse.