During your buying trip, you may place orders and pay a deposit which is generally 50% of the total order. Should you prefer to analyze all the information and decide to order once you are back in your home country, this is not a problem. We will assist you in determining the exact cubic measurement for shipping so that you are not ordering too much and then have a situation where your total order cannot fit in the container. We cannot be precise down to the last cbm as the configuration in the stuffing of the container will account for some of the space. We make allowances for this in our calculations so in most cases we don’t have any issues.

On placing the order with the supplier, we will confirm the agreed price, the detail of the product, and the production time. When 50% of the production time has passed, we will check on the progress and report back to the client with pictures and an update. Within one week of the product being available for collection, we will request the balance of the payment.

Please note, you are not required to transfer funds in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) as sending this currency from overseas can attract much higher exchange rates. Send the due amount in your currency which we will calculate for you. On receipt, we will confirm to you, the amount received. The exchange rate used by the banks here is very favorable with a currency fluctuation of approximately 1.%.

Once your orders are ready for collection we will then send our representative to the suppliers’ premises for the quality control check and photograph the products. These pictures will be sent to you in high resolution as you may wish to use for marketing purposes prior to the arrival of the shipment.