Most people would agree that the finishing touches or the finer detail really makes the end product spectacular and something special. The option from Indonesia are endless but we have listed just a few of the most popular ones. Please remember with NHB anything is possible so don’t hesitate to send us your ideas.

  • Railings, steps and stairs are made from strong and durable Bengkirai Timber
  • Connecting Bridges between Gazebos or Houses.
  • Carvings, there is an endless range of traditional Balinese and Javanese carving styles available to add that special touch. Alternatively please make your own design and we can have it carved.
  • Bamboo Blinds are a perfectly natural product to compliment your home or gazebo. There is an enormous range of styles available.
  • Balinese Doors come in many different designs and colours.
  • Solid Teak Javanese Doors are normally manufactured from recycled teak. These are a long last exquisite feature in any home.
  • Stone Panels with carving adds a nice feature around gazebos or ancillary structures.
  • Rattan Lampit or bamboo bedeg matting are splendid tropical style materials that can be used for as decorative ceiling linings. The matting is glued to triplex or plywood and then layer underneath a waterproof membrane between the single or tiled roof.

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