All buildings and gazebos are constructed using the traditional skills of Indonesia carpenters combined with modern building techniques using quality hardwood to ensure strengh and durability. All bolts, base plates and connections plates used in our buildings are made from galvanized steel to a grade of 240N/mm2. Folding and sliding doors are supplied with stainless steel tracks. The finishing material we use is a water based product which is easy to apply for servicing any area of the structure that may get scuffed during transportation or setup on site.

Each stage of construction is photographed and along with a progress report, emailed to the client for their approval. On completion, each component of the building is numbered and labeled prior to knockdown. A government surveyor then needs to be brought in to check the certification of our timber to ensure we are using timber from legal sources. Each component is then approved for export by the surveyor.

After knockdown the components are refinished with a water based stain. Additional supplies of the finishing materials are shipped with the building for any touch up work that maybe required after arrival at the destination.

Once the container is packed and shipped our AutoCAD team will prepare a detailed set of assembly instructions that will be emailed to the client well in advance of the container arriving.

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