Some of the most impressive projects we have worked on have started with a sketch and evolved into a stunning building or resort development. Our team of wooden house experts that includes structural and civil engineers, Autocad draftsman, and our project manager are available to work with you on your ideas to create your dream structures. We of course will work with your project manager and architect to convert your plans into a wooden house structure. All buildings are tested using ETAB for structural integrity based on the weather patterns of the region for project development. We do charge a fee for these services which can be refundable of up to 50% should we be appointed the construction team.

Sindung Prakosa is our in house architect and interior designer. Sindung joined the NHB team in 2009 and in 2014 left us to take up a position in Malaysia. Sindung has now rejoined the team and we look forward to working with him over the coming years. Rates for Sindungs’ services are available on request.

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